At our competence centre in Hilchenbach with our own training centre and test laboratory, we offer the following services and trainings for our customers:


  • Information on new legislation
    We advise our customers on legislation and offer training on dangerous goods handling.
  • Supervision / support and implementation of approval procedures 
    We advise you on international regulations and approval procedures and implement them for you (IEC, UL, CB report, other regulations and approvals).
  • UN transport test (UN 38.1.) 
    The UN transport test is urgently required for a Li-Ion battery pack if you want to bring it onto the market. At OMNITRON we carry out this test for you.  
  • Cell advice
    When selecting the right cell for your battery pack, we advise you on the technical suitability, longevity and long-term availability of the cells.
  • Advice on safe packing construction and longer product life cycles
    Cell manufacturers with whom OMNITRON GRIESE cooperates have proven themselves over many years. Through regular exchange and quality controls during factory visits or in our test laboratory, we regularly check the reliability of our suppliers. In addition to the selection of other, safer electronic components, the design of the battery pack also plays an important role. At the customer's request, OMNITRON also develops a test stand which can also be used by the customer to check the battery pack.
  • Support in product development 
    In general, we already advise you during your product development. Early coordination, for example, can prevent that too little space is planned for the rechargeable battery pack.  
  • Simulation and tests under specified environmental conditions
    In our test laboratory, we can simulate the current behaviour of your application and test the battery pack accordingly. For example, ambient temperatures to which your rechargeable battery pack will be exposed in the future can be simulated in the climate chamber.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Feasibility Analyses
    If requested, we can check your electronic components with regard to risks or your casing data with regard to passing the necessary tests such as the UN Transport Test 38.1.
  • Preparation of drawings and 3D data of rechargeable battery packs to support your product development/rapid prototyping
    We are happy to provide you with our drawings to illustrate your Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs. During your product development phase, we create prototypes for your casing and are happy to advise you on the wall thickness of your metal or plastic casing.
  • Market information and trends
    Regular updates on market developments and individual suggestions for integrating new technologies into customer-specific systems round off our service package.
  • Design consulting / value engineering 
    Together with our customers, we carry out value engineering in order to technically and economically optimise your Li-Ion battery pack. For example, the use of long-term UL components for the load board may play a role.