“With my rechargeable battery packs I protect the world from tsunamis!”

Anja Kruse, production assistant at OMNITRON, builds battery packs for seismological underwater measurements.

With my rechargeable battery packs, I can get people up the mountain faster!"

Ulrike Born, production employee, builds battery packs for special e-bikes at OMNITRON.

"With my rechargeable battery packs, I'll keep the streets clean of leaves silently in the fall!"

Sebastian Burghaus, project engineer, builds battery packs for electric leaf blowers at OMNITRON.

OMNITRON GRIESE GMBH has been one of Europe's leading system suppliers of rechargeable battery packs for decades. In addition to the applications listed above, our customised products are used worldwide in various industrial applications and in medical devices.

This way we develop and assemble e.g. rechargeable battery packs for infusion pumps, leaf blowers, e-mobility solutions and system solutions for wind power generators.

On request, we are happy to provide you with several of our customer references. 

Are you looking for a mobile energy concept for your product? Our employees will be happy to sit down with you and find the right solution for you.